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07 fevereiro 2006

You Are Never Ready

In four minutes you will be gone and I must to tell you why.

When a star crashes, the angels are electrified.
Your life changes in ways you can't imagine.

When your dreams are perfect, they run like machines and leave you dizzy.
When you first discover you're dying, everyone seems to be saying goodbye.
When your dreams are perfect, they run like machines.

You must change your life. You are never ready.

There are people you have to leave behind, they just dirty up your mouth
they don't value your treasure.

You fall down, you kiss up, you love them, it's not enough.
They're nothing special and you're such a gift.
If you had no magic here you'd be just like everyone else.
Imagine the tragedy.

Love is like crying like writing like dying you've got to do it alone.

I know it's tragic to be tender
I know it's dangerous to be kind
I know it's vicious to care.

Listen to me, I know what's going to happen to you.

You don't need a window, you need a fire escape,
you'll need a skylight to get to where you're going.
I can't tell you where.

And you dream that you are hollow
and you dream that you are whole
reconstruct what you remember
and it comes out in pieces.

Those below you can't hold you up
everyone is gone gone gone
everyone is gone gone gone.
Learn to swim alone learn to fly.

Cast them off like long rope and learn to swim the dark water alone.
Look up to the stars stars stars and know that this is your sky now.

Lift your arms and go
step forward in Nureyev leap
blink fast and whirr over streets
hover over trees
speed past taxis
don't even bother to wave
at the children who watch you
brushing past skyscrapers
and looking up up
slip off the long skirt
that slows you down
and don't look back to watch it
billow to earth
tell the cool jets and Superman
that you're passing them
feel your hair stream back
wind blinding you
forcing your dry mouth open
no one can touch you now
get out of this fucking world
as fast as you can.

Nicole Blackman

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